Accelerating the discovery and development of therapeutics inspired by naturally occurring compounds and traditional remedies.

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Our Core

Nature-derived drug discovery.

Pangea harnesses the tools of modern drug discovery to develop nature-inspired therapeutics for unmet patient needs. We have the ability to execute and deliver, with a scalable and diversified platform operating model and an experienced team.

explained in short

Pangea Botanica brings the platform business model of company building to modern drug discovery and development. We have incubated four operating companies, each focusing on different nature-inspired compounds and producing high-potential leads.

Facts and figures

Pushing for a better tomorrow.


Pre-clinical lead compounds

We have 5 preclinical lead compounds excluding discovery pipeline across 4 programs. Our operating companies are developing drugs to target inflammation, autoimmune, psychiatric, neurodegenerative and neurological indications. Further growth of the platform will be supported by our proprietary PangeAI discovery engine.

> 65%

Drugs discovered from natural sources

There is meaningful potential to develop drugs inspired by nature given its co-evolution with human biology, vast chemical diversity, polypharmacology (multiple drug targets) and prior human use, an indicator of efficacy and safety.

< 1%

Mapped and explored small molecules from nature

Nature is one of the richest untapped sources of possible therapeutic compounds. Only less than 1% of nature's small molecules have been mapped and explored. Pangea remains conscious of the remaining 99% which could be explored at scale.


Companies launched

Pangea Botanica assembles uncorrelated programs across therapeutic areas, increasing the likelihood of successful commercialization. We are a decentralized platform company that builds and supports our operating companies; to date, these include Kanna Health, OnTrack Therapeutics, Acacia Health, and Kore Therapeutics.

The evolving Pangea ecosystem

Patients around the world have high unmet medical needs, with 52% of the population suffering from at least one chronic disease, and 95% of rare diseases having no approved treatment. Our four operating companies research and trial different bioactive compounds across a range of indications.

Kanna Health
Phase 1 Trial
OnTrack Therapeutics
Kore Therapeutics
Acacia Health
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