About pangea
Accelerating modern drug discovery withnature-inspired science.
Pangea's vision

A healthier world powered by the therapeutic potential of nature.

Our mission is to accelerate the discovery and development of therapeutics for patients in need inspired by naturally occurring compounds and traditional remedies, while preserving ethnobotanical knowledge and ecosystems.

A team of expert minds, driven individuals and world-class advisors.

We are scientists, entrepreneurs, researchers, biologists, patent specialists and executives. Together we work to create a healthier world inspired by the therapeutic potential of nature. At the heart of this is our passion for progress and an unbridled curiosity.


The plant, the fungal and the animal kingdoms have co-evolved over hundreds of millions of years yielding innumerable symbiotic relationships at the molecular and protein level waiting to be discovered and adapted for the development of human medicines. This strategy to develop medicines inspired by nature should significantly improve the odds of drug development to successfully bring novel medications to patients in need.

​Lars Wilde

Co-Founder and CEO Pangea Botanica

Preservation and reciprocity is at the heart of our DNA.

We are focusing on natural remedies that have been used by indigenous communities for centuries. Complying with Nagoya protocol and developing free, prior informed consent and benefit sharing agreements with traditional knowledge holders is therefore a matter of course for us. We are in the process of becoming a certified B Corp, meeting the highest standards in social and environmental impact. We are setting up the non-profit PangeACT to support projects at are in line with our mission.


Driven by our values.


We take the path less travelled so we can accelerate drug discovery and development, and improve health outcomes for patients.

We use first principles thinking, solving problems by breaking them down and asking fundamental questions. We are curious and pragmatic.


We are kind and inclusive. We promote continuous development in our team and embrace flexible working. We celebrate our diversity.

We care for the communities that inspire and partner with us, and share our success with them.


We win and lose as a team. Every voice counts and respectful challenge is welcome. Responsible advancement beats perfection.

We grow our companies so they can flourish independently and quickly.

Inspired by nature.
Powered by technology.
Preserving knowledge.
Empowered by nature.
Empowered by nature.
Empowered by nature.
Empowered by nature.
Empowered by nature.