PangeAI – the power of data and technology.

We are building our AI discovery platform PangeAI to accelerate the discovery and development of new drugs. With PangeAI, we harness the power of data & AI to translate nature’s metabolome into medicine, at scale.

Drugs were nature inspired

of today's drugs were discovered from a natural source


Unassessed plant species

of nature's small molecules have been mapped and explored


Ethnomedical use

of nature-derived therapeutics have an ethnomedical use identical or related to the current use

the power of PangeaI

Nature is one of the richest untapped sources of possible therapeutic compounds. We will develop advanced computational methods that power the discovery of novel natural product based therapeutics to address unmet patient needs.

The power of ai

Leveraging technology for drug discovery

Matching natural compounds with indications

We will map the chemical composition of the natural world,  building one of the world’s most diverse datasets of therapeutically active natural products. PangeAI will match plants and compounds with indications (and vice versa) and predict key chemical properties, modes of action and synergistic effects.

Combining the latest technologies

We combine recent technology across artificial intelligence, metabolomics, and cheminformatics to enable the scalable discovery of nature inspired therapeutics. As a result, PangeAI will propose lead candidates for development and enhance development of existing compounds.

Increasing development speed

PangeAI will support the growth of our platform and empower our teams across the Pangea ecosystem to decode the complexity of the natural world faster, more efficiently and more effectively, contributing to our mission to accelerate the discovery and development of therapeutics inspired by nature to address unmet patient needs.


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Inspired by nature.
Powered by technology.
Preserving knowledge.
Empowered by nature.
Empowered by nature.
Empowered by nature.
Empowered by nature.
Empowered by nature.